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REAL Protein Treatment

  • GreenBeauty Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein
  • GreenBeauty Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein

Product Description

GreenBeauty Product REAL Protein Treatment

Derived from soft wheat, the REAL Protein Treatment’s low molecular weight of MW: 750 - 1000 kDa gives it the ability to not only coat and patch up but also

penetrate damaged cuticle layers. This nourishes and strengthens your hair from within.  Its an essential hair treatment that increases your hair's

ability to maintain and receive moisture.  Proper treatment of your cuticles results in healthier, shinier and fuller hair.


DIRECTIONS ~ REAL Protein Treatment and Deep Conditioning Treatment clearly located on every product  


Who is this product for?

- People with medium to high porosity
- People with color treated and/or relaxed hair
- People with damaged and/or dry hair


Ingredients: Customized for safe long term use. Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein (MW: 750 – 1,000 kDa)

* Keep refrigerated so that it lasts longer

* No artificial fragrance, dyes, sulfates, or parabens


8 fl. oz (237mL)




Product Videos

Green Beauty Products Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein - Instructions ()
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Other Details

Use :
Strengthening Treatment
Molecular Weight :
750 - 1000

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Product Reviews

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  1. It works!

    Posted by Patty on 17th Jul 2014

    Hello, I cannot recall EVER having written a review but this product deserves it. I low density fine spiral curls. Over the last year I amy hair went through significant stress. My hair was dull, lifeless and had lost so much of the natural curl. I cut 6 inches from my hair but that still didn't bring it back to life. I tried this product as a last ditch effort before just cutting all my hair off and starting over. After just one use my hair looked drastically better, curls came back and it feels so much healthier. I also worked nicely on my daughter's much thicker/denser hair! I had to give a sample to my sister. I keep some mixed up product in my bathroom to use when I can. So happy with this product!

  2. No longer dull

    Posted by Unknown on 17th Jul 2014

    Left my hair soft , manageable and full of life. I will continue to use this along with my weekly deep conditioner.

  3. Now this is a REAL protein treatment

    Posted by Jai 16 goin on 17 on 11th Jul 2014

    Where do I start!!!

    Ok so I received this product nicely wrapped, fully protected. It also came with this nice card with tips about the product, very helpful.

    I think some people really misinterpret tip #4. This product is for BREAKAGE not SHEDDING. Shedding happens, its natural.

    As far as the product goes, this really revived my hair. I am really grateful for this product because this was my last hope. My mom was tired of buying treatments that didn't really do anything for my hair, but with this treatment she noticed a difference.

    My ends looked healthier, my hair looked healthy and shiny, it really helps with retaining moisture. There's one thing for tip #4 that for me, didn't really happen. My breakage wasn't stopped instantly, but keep in mind my hair was really damaged from not taking care of it during the school year. I recklessly cut inches of hair because I was tired of split ends, but after the treatment I noticed majority of my split ends mended TEMPORARILY, which is ALSO what tip #4 says. But I am certain if I use this product for the 2nd, or 3rd time tops, my breakage will end. It's always important to be consistent, though.

    For someone who doesn't have as much breakage as I did, I'm pretty sure, with following the directions based on your hair porosity (I chose medium, I did all three test and 2/3 I found out I have medium porosity. I don't know about the 'dipping a shed hair in a cup of water' test one, I think I did it wrong), your breakage will stop instantly but remember, consistency. And that goes for any treatment you use.

    Now I recommend as you measure the amount of conditioner first that, that's when you decide how much of the protein treatment you need. Even though i read tip #2 and the direction on the bottle to get the amount based on your hair thickness and length, i just used the amount it said on the bottle for medium porosity and I ended up making a lot. So I just stored it in the fridge like tip #2 said, but my mom accidentally threw it away because she thought it was some type of homemade mayo that I would probably make -_- . So that's like 1/4 or 1/3 of the bottle wasted.

    MY STORY :)
    Now I have really thick hair, practically like logs. I have natural hair that stops right above the shoulder when washed, at the shoulders when fluffed out, and a little past armpit length when blow dried (on cold). My first relaxer was in the 4th grade (FREAKING WAIST LENGTH; i have a high waist so yeah) and I stopped relaxing 7th grade (hated burning perms, hair thinned, some hair loss, hair getting shorter up to my shoulders), transitioned until the summer of 8th grade going to high school until my mom shampooed my hair, dried it with a towel and attempted to comb it, but was super matted. (I wasn't that knowledgeable about natural hair as I am now). I big chopped that day and wore sew-ins (it was fun and convenient because I didn't mess with my hair but hated them because of the overall pain) for the whole entire 9th grade year. I decided to stop with the sew-ins and wear my hair out and, I fell in love with my curls but, kind of a bad idea. Majority of the time my hair was in a puff because i was taking challenging classes so, once in a blue moon I'd rock a twist out or my fro. I wasn't really taking care of my hair, most of the time I'd go to bed with my hair in a puff or a bun, but my hair is not the type of hair where I can pineapple and go to sleep, no, I have to braid it every night. (I have thick 3c-4a hair with 4b at the temples and my crown being 3c, rest 4a). I didn't follow protocol and I was frustrated because my mom would slack on me with getting sew-ins, and she, for some reason, was against me getting single braids or twists, so I'd cut my own hair. Tired of split ends I'd buy products to fix it, none worked, cut cut cut, until i came across this product. I begged my mom saying 'this is THE LAST product'. And now here i am satisfied with my revived uneven hair :D
    Coming back to my natural hair, I learned a lot about discipline and consistency. You have to be on it with your hair, At first its overwhelming because I was not used to dealing with my natural hair since my mom took care of it then decided to perm it. But after a while it becomes a routine and it gets easier and faster and once you learn your hair's every move it's easy. And you get good results/benefits with a healthy looking fro and arm muscle :).
    I think sticking with your natural hair and not going for the perm for a easier route really tells you about that person's ethics, hard-work, and determination. I find it sad that some little girls have no option to decide if they want a perm rather than learning about their natural hair and why it is unique. I fortunately did but I wanted to make my mom's life easier because I have a condition with my elbow. But over the years there's been a natural hair movement that is really taking care of that. Hopefully parents will let kids will have the option, and hopefully they choose to be natural :)

    I thank you for reading my review all the way to the end (this is my first review for ANY product by the way :) ), i hope this product works for you too.

    And if YOU personally know any salons that knows natural hair very well that i can get a professional shape up in the Miami-Boca area, please, let me know

    K byee :*

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